More From The Great Biloxi Feast of 2009

Well, I’m gonna post a slew of photos that will conclude the series on The Great Biloxi Feast of 2009. My friend Daniel is currently living there while working for the Department of Marine Resources. I went down and visited him not long ago and while there we created a lovely feastivus of shrimp (shrumps), corn and potatoes. The shrimp was seasoned with many things including jalapenos and habaneros from his neighbors garden. In total we ate 6 pounds of shrimp. We bought them at the Small Craft Dock in Gulf Port, straight off the back of a boat. I have to say, the shrimp was spicy and delicious. I hope to have another chance to visit Daniel down there before he moves back to Chicago.

Shrimp With A Little Garlic

Feastivus 1

Feastivus 2

Feastivus Potatoes

Feastivus Corn

Feastivus 5

Feastivus Shrimp Carcasses

Feastivus 6 The Empty Plate