On a lighter note…

William Eggleston really likes one of my photos that’s on my dad’s wall. Yes, you did just read that. William. Eggleston. THE William Eggleston. As in, the father of color photography. The man that showed the world it could be artistic. One of only a couple of people to ever have a color photography exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. I mean, imagine making a short movie and then being told that Martin Scorsese saw it and think’s it was really good. I mean, omg. I don’t even know what to say. My week has month has totally been made. And yet, I’m still in a funk. Dunno why. Well, I do.. but don’t want to discuss it. Oh, if you don’t know who Eggleston is, freakin’ look him up. I mean, seriously, one of the most influential photographers in American history folks.

Here’s the photo.