Amy and Ada at Overton Park – Film Scans

So I’ve had all this film laying about for a number of years now and I’ve been ever so slowly using it. Well, I got 7 rolls together and took it in to MPI (Memphis Professional Imaging) to get processed. My darkroom isn’t exactly dark, or a room, or climate controlled. So yeah. I suppose I can develop the negatives myself in the bathroom and then scan em myself. Just seemed like a lot of work at the moment.

Okay, so I got them developed and scanned. They are now ready to be seen. I will say this. The film was old. So, ISO100 suddenly looks like 1600 or higher. Sometimes. It wasn’t consistent. Also, the contrast was awful. And my 35mm has a light leak. You may notice little white flashes at the edge of the frame, same spot, in a lot of photos. Yeah. Also, my TLR has a cranking problem so there’s some overlapping shots for like 1/3 of the frame. Lastly, there’s the Holga. I won’t lie, I suck at Holga. My biggest problem is forgetting if I’ve cranked it. So a lot of double exposures happen. Some of them are fun so I kept them. Some not so much. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll get better at all of this.

So in the meantime, enjoy the deluge of posts that will all, for now, contain film scans. Some shots are 3 years old, some are 3 weeks old. Some, I can’t remember.