Night Watch – The Movie

So the book, Ночной дозор (The Night Watch), was awesome. The plot left a bit desired but, the world that Sergei Vasilievich Lukyanenko created in the book was everything I could have wanted.

However, the movie was awful. The visuals were okay. Personally, I’m not really one for a lot of VFX. This said, I think the stuff looked pretty freakin’ good. They just didn’t look right. Know what I mean? The execution was good but the content not so much. Plus, they butchered the story. Compressed things that shouldn’t have been. They almost totally left out the Twilight (or Gloom, depending on the translation). I mean, there was more mention of it than anything else. You never really saw it Then there’s the complete lack of aura’s which were a rather big part of the book.

I really just can’t express enough my disappointment at the plot changes. The ending was ALL wrong. Not even close. Gesar and Zabulon are ridiculous freaks. In fact, they all are. Egor… his son? huh? WTF.

I’m never watching another Russian state made movie again.

Night Watch Poster

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