Barrack Obama’s Inauguration

So coming up on two years ago now, I went to Washington D.C. with my boss (Paul Sloan), my manager (David Stotts), the chief photographer (Tommy Adams), an anchorman (Ernie Freeman), a reporter/anchorwoman (Melissa Scheffler), a photographer (Alistair Clark), and a whole bunch of gear. We went to shoot news stories and an hour long documentary detailing the significance of the nation’s first African-American president in regard to Memphis’ pivotal role in the civil rights movement, particularly in regards to Dr. King. We spent almost a week up there, interviewing politicians and Memphians about their experience, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. I froze my little ass off. I had to tolerate Freeman’s constant shouting of “Big time!” from that annoying song. I did, however, have an incredible time. I saw so many incredible things. The masses of people that showed up to the Secret Service taking down some college who had jumped the security fence for some unknown reason. Sadly, I have to photos of that any longer as I was “asked” to delete them. Oh well. I did truly see and experience things that I will remember for the rest of my life and for that, I am incredibly thankful to management at FOX13 for letting me go on that trip. Even if the documentary did get scrapped after we got back. Oh well, at least I got a $90 tuna steak and a package of memories on Rupert Murdoch’s bill.

Oh so, after two years of not really knowing the best way to post this many god damned photos, I will simply put them all into one, giant, humongous gallery post, for all to see. Some of these photos outright suck. I left them in simply because they reminded me of something I witnessed. Some of them are kinda depressing. I also think it’s interesting to look at them in the context of 2010 coming to a close and the feelings toward Obama now. The lost hope. The missing change. The frustration.

I’ve tried to find a single photograph from the trip that summed it all up for me. I guess this does it. I called it “Security Above All Else”. The gallery is after the jump.