Michael Phelps!

So today I was sitting at work, doing nothing and someone yelled “oh my god, Michael Phelps” at me. I casually thought to myself that it was rather odd.

A few minutes later she did it again.

Then again a few minutes later.

Finally I asked what the fuck she was doing. It was then that she explained that having watched the Olympics for several days, she had gotten so used to hearing the name Michael Phelps every 2 minutes that when she doesn’t hear it, she gets uncomfortable.

I immediately understood. The dude is good. Amazing. Once in a century. I dunno. But come on. Let someone else shine and quit burning the public out on fucking Michael Phelps! I can’t wait till his last race. Then I won’t hear his name again until 2012.

Besides, he looks like a total tool.

  • August 15th, 2008
  • Olympics
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