Technical Difficulties…

Umm.. so hang in with me here. I’ve recently installed a plugin called PhotoQ that helps me manage my photo posts a little easier. Sadly, it’s not working entirely like I want it to. For example, photos I post with it that are vertical aren’t centering in the post body. Like below… So, gonna need to update some CSS and such I think. Also, it has a cool auto posting feature that I can use so that when I get super busy you good folks will still get some photos to see! Sadly, it’s not working either. Not sure if it’s the cron job not working or the plugin or me doing something wrong. We’ll see.

Should be resolved soon!

edit: Ok, got the image alignment worked out. I think I figured out what I was doing wrong with the auto posting, two fold problem: I was running the wrong script and forgot how the code works. Excellent. I’ll turn it on now and see if it posts soon.
Also, not sure if it’s the plugin or my site’s server being mean right now but, I can’t edit any of the photos I have in the queue. I was able to last night but not now so, I’m thinking it’s not the plugin… seeing as it worked before.

edit re-edit: The wonderful people at BlueHost Tech Support have helped me get the cron job worked out, I think. Looks like it’s working. So, auto posting should work now, this way, if I get busy and don’t post anything, at midnight and noon the server will run a script and my blog will say, man, Kip’s been lazy and hasn’t posted anything in a while, I guess I should help his lazy butt out! Excellent.