In Honor Of Getting Up At The Ass Crack Of Dawn

Rachel NBTT Teapot

Rachel and I used to show up at the Nothing But The Truth Art Department offices around 5:30-5:45 am everyday for a month and a half. We only had one day off as far as I can remember. It was awesome. The downside though, is that we both got so sleep deprived that we would become rather loopy. This is how we tried to remember the teapot. Sticky note + forehead = we still forgot.

Now, I’m up at 6 in the effing morning so I can drive with my family down to Oxford, MS to see my brother graduate college. I’m proud as hell of him but man, I really don’t wanna sit through this shit. Plus, this is REALLY EARLY IN THE MORNING. So, I will leave you all with this. No idea when I’ll be back today. We’ll see.