This is John Flowers. Ex room-mate of Daniel “Master Gentleman of Leisure” McDonell. He is an environmental engineer and a righteous dude.

Yes, I have a vintage dress form called a Sally Stitch. What of it? That shit ain’t weird.

Hurray for expired film turning all grainy and low contrast!

So this is my good friend Alpha. He lives in South Korea and teaches English to little kids. He also shoots photos for a local newspaper there.

And yes, that really is his name.

So, my dad and brother made this fire last Christmas. It was kinda pitiful. It was kinda cold out. However small and sad this fire was, they were bound and determined to sit by it and “enjoy” their work. They both look so miserable it hurts.

Is he a musician? Is he a programmer? Is he a hobo? Is he weird? Is he shamelessly offensive?


Taylor is a friend of mine that moved to Chicago over a year ago. He’s a kick ass guitarist. He looks like a hobo frat-boy who was never in a frat. Taylor is one of the more entertaining people I know. If any of you ever have a chance to meet him, be sure to tell him I say hey.

Also, I freakin’ love this photo. It’s one of the only shots from these rolls of expired film that came out halfway smooth. In a tonal sort of way. Any photo of Tay-tay has a smoothness that just can never be quantified properly.