Paper Lanterns

Amanda Has Left The Building

Amanda has left us at Muddy’s Bake Shop! She’s moved back to be with her family. Sadness for us. You’d best be stoppin’ by!

Fried Nom Nom… Catfish… Nom Nom…

Sunset On The Mississippi River

Crawfish Eatin’ at Flying Fish

Reach For The Sky

Midtown Yoga

So, Are You Getting In Or What?

Abstract Lighting #16

Looking In Wonder At The Photographer

Coffee with Bourbon Whipped Cream

Yep, that’s what I do at work.

Colossus Burger at Three Angel’s Diner

Best burger ever. Hands down.

Tina and Melissa Approach Le Chateau de Loisirs

It’s Not Actually A Yazoo Beer at Sweetgrass Next Door

The Ink Stand – Underground Art

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in freaking forever. Ugh.