Cooking Dinner pt2

Redbirds Game!

LT and Dave

Jennifer at Slider Inn

Cooking Dinner

The Host, Kip Gordon

This was from my birthday party in 2011. I had setup the photo booth but, the lights stopped working shortly after the party started so I didn’t end up with much. There are a few more which will be posted over the next week or so…

Tina In A Tree!

mmmm Red Stripe

Tigers at the Zoo!

Nicci B-K

Mr. Brandon Dill

Me Without You Is Like Ah Without Choo!

Tipo, MS

Tina and I at the Zoo

And here’s one of the both of us for good measure. ha!

I’m Going To Marry This Woman.

Yep, asked her to marry me and she said yes. In this picture she’s drunkenly reading to me from a book called “Me Without You.” It’s really awesome.