Sunset On The Mississippi River

Crawfish Eatin’ at Flying Fish

Reach For The Sky

Midtown Yoga

So, Are You Getting In Or What?

Abstract Lighting #16

Looking In Wonder At The Photographer

Coffee with Bourbon Whipped Cream

Yep, that’s what I do at work.

The Latest Emmy Addition with Steph!

This is from the past January at the Emmy’s in Nashville! My bestie, Stephanie, came up form Atlanta to attend the ceremony with me. :D It was super fun and good to get to see her cuz well, I don’t get to very often. So yeah, the Emmy is for designing the Good Morning Memphis “Diner Booth” set. I’m really, really proud of this one. Not to belittle the others I have but, they all have my managers mark on them too. I helped and I believe I deserved them but, if it’s a project he helped with the odds of winning one went WAY up. He didn’t have anything to do with this one so it’s just nice to reassure myself with the idea that I didn’t need him to win one. :D

And yes, I look tubby. It’s because I am tubby. What can I say? I like good food. Besides, I’ve started running so it’ll get better. So shut it.

Also, the photo looks weird, I know. The colors are oddly saturated. I tried to fix it but, the photographer they hire for this every year really sucks and when you buy the digital photo it comes as a really shitty, muddy looking JPEG. Ugh.

Colossus Burger at Three Angel’s Diner

Best burger ever. Hands down.

Tina and Melissa Approach Le Chateau de Loisirs

It’s Not Actually A Yazoo Beer at Sweetgrass Next Door

The Ink Stand – Underground Art

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in freaking forever. Ugh.

Cooper-Young Night Out at Sweetgrass Next Door

I’ve been so busy I haven’t posted much of anything to here all month! Heck, I haven’t taken a photo all month, come to think of it. ugh. Anyhow, I was flipping through the pics I’d uploaded already but not posted and found this one. Aaahhh. Reminded me that date night is tomorrow night. We’re headed downtown to see Steve Martin play at The Orpheum. My mother and sister were kind enough to give me tickets for my birthday. I’m so excited! I’m mostly excited that it’s date night though. :D

Chris Lam in Elevator