Yep, that’s what I do at work.

Best burger ever. Hands down.

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in freaking forever. Ugh.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t posted much of anything to here all month! Heck, I haven’t taken a photo all month, come to think of it. ugh. Anyhow, I was flipping through the pics I’d uploaded already but not posted and found this one. Aaahhh. Reminded me that date night is tomorrow night. We’re headed downtown to see Steve Martin play at The Orpheum. My mother and sister were kind enough to give me tickets for my birthday. I’m so excited! I’m mostly excited that it’s date night though. :D

Powerhouse baker. Boo ya.

World, meet Tina. Tina, meet world. I think she’s quite awesome and well, I’m quite fond of her and she of me.

The waiter randomly remarked that he was from Portland and had no idea what he was doing here.