Powerhouse baker. Boo ya.

World, meet Tina. Tina, meet world. I think she’s quite awesome and well, I’m quite fond of her and she of me.

The waiter randomly remarked that he was from Portland and had no idea what he was doing here.


Seriously, I made a wire fence for Rachel’s backyard at her new house and this little bastard keeps destroying it. He jumps over it, crawls under it, shoves it aside, whatever it takes for him to get past it. He even jumps over the chain link fence.

I think Slam may have done this with my camera. Hmmm…

She may kill me for this.  :D

Seriously, they rock my face off. They also bake a few thousand cupcakes a day, along with pies, cookies, bars, prep work, etc, etc. They all wore plaid for my birthday. yay!