So, my buddy Zach, from Brain Release Valve, Memphis Fast Fiction, and The Great and Secret Thing, gave me a call on Saturday while I was shooting a wedding. He asked if I could come downtown to the Emerge Memphis Building and shoot a band for him because he and Laurel had inadvertently become the managers. The band is called The Delta Collective. They’re a product of the Memphis Music Launch, which works just like the 48 Hour Launch for start-ups and small businesses. None of these fine folks knew each other before they met at the event. They wrote and recorded two songs in 48 hours while also putting together a business plan that was able to secure them a place in the final four of the event. This means they’ll have an opportunity to play some gigs and get some exposure, possibly a record deal if they can win the whole thing.

So go check out their website (also done inside of that 48 hour window), like them on the book of faces, share their track with everyone you know. Let’s help these folks start something great, bring a bit of music back to The Bluff City, while also showing that folks of all walks of life can come together from all over this diverse landscape of cultures we call Home (Memphis) and make something truly grand.

Come one, come all. Or I’ll fucking cut you. Several times. With a plastic butter knife.

Strobist info: Single snooted Novatron 880 just above the camera.

There’s another from this setup with my friend Will Freeman but, I’m not posting it until it shows up on The Great and Secret Thing.

The sad part? That’s not all of ’em! I’m missing one from the photo because it’s still at work above my desk. Boo ya!

Mark, please don’t kill me for this. That is all.

I know, I know, I haven’t posted anything in a long while. For those of you that speak to me on a regular basis, you know why. For the rest of you, I’ve recently taken over management at our kitchen in Cooper-Young while still retaining managerial duties at the shop in East Memphis. So, I’m working way too much and being tired all the time. I get up at 4:45am most days. So yeah, I’m still adjusting to this. I really want to take more photos and post them. I just don’t have much time yet. Soon though… soon.